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Sharing Love and Abundance of Joy

16 Feb

On Friday, 10 February 2017, ScienTec Consulting shared the love of St Valentine and the abundance of the Rooster Year with residents in Redhill.

Dressed in red, ScienTec employees went from door to door to give out goodie bags comprising rice, biscuits, Milo as well as mandarin oranges that symbolise the abundance of happiness and prosperity.

“We chose Redhill for this outreach because we were here to help a family in need to renovate their house previously, and we are aware there are other less fortunate households in the neighbourhood. We thought it would be nice to make their day with this small gesture of love, in celebration of Chap Goh Mei and Valentine’s Day,” shared Senior Recruitment Consultant Zinc Teo.

It was a heart-warming two hours for everyone, including residents who expressed words of gratitude, exchanged hugs and smiled gleefully for photos.

For newcomer Recruitment Consultant Zoey Jamal, who just joined ScienTec in January 2017, it was an extremely rewarding experience.

“While the idea is to give back to the community, I feel that I have received so much in return. This is my first time participating in a CSR event with ScienTec. It is encouraging to know how eager and convicted my managers and colleagues are to make a difference as individuals and as a company,” said Ms Jamal.

ScienTec is steadfast in upholding its core value of putting “People First, Always” by collaborating with different welfare groups such as Bethesda Care and Counselling Services Centre and Children’s Aid Society to touch deserving communities, from the pioneer generation to children with special needs.

“Love is a conscious decision to commit and a consistent passion to give. I am glad to be part of a company that is committed in putting people first always and giving back to the community, even if it is with the simplest acts of love and kindness,” shared Principal Consultant Kimberly Chen.