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We have a proven track record in delivering sales and marketing talents to some of the region’s most successful organisations. Our team of specialist consultants are dedicated to finding the right fit so that our clients are well poised to leap into the next phase of growth.

Sales Roles: Regional Sales Directors, Country Managers, Account Managers, Business Development Managers, Channel Sales Manager, Sales Enablement Managers, (for junior sales roles such as Client Servicing Executives, Retail Promoters, Telemarketers, etc, please visit, etc.

Marketing Roles: CMOs, Directors and Managers in Marketing, Marketing & Communications, Corporate Communications, Public Relations, Social Media, etc.


“I do not know if, or how, I would have been able to do this without ScienTec Search’s help. The ScienTec Search Consultant’s projections for how this process should work, and timeframe, were all spot-on. I do not recall any surprises, in fact I always felt quite informed. 

Logistically, in terms of actually working with me and the candidates to connect us both via phone, then in person, was really well done. It seemed easy, which I cannot imagine it was. I found the ScienTec Search consultant highly responsive and thorough. The candidate profiles were excellent. And I really felt she absorbed everything I shared via email, and in person, in regard to what I was looking for in this position. I was initially worried about the distance, language barrier and cultural differences, but in the end none of those factors came into play.

Given my schedule earlier this year, particularly professional and personal/family demands for my time, all time spent on this project was crucial – and I thought it was all productive time. I look very good for having run a quick and efficient search for someone we have every reason to expect to be successful here at Elsevier. So thank you, ScienTec Search, for helping me manage this time, indeed the whole process, so effectively. 

Vice President, Global Corporate Relations

“Working with the ScienTec Search consultant has been a productive and enjoyable experience. I am very much impressed with her professional guidance and positive energy throughout the entire recruitment process. She updated me at the various stages of the process and she was always there to answer my queries or doubts regarding the role or employment contract. I highly recommend her services to those who are looking for a very professional search consultant who will go the extra mile for her clients!”

Patient Marketing Manager – Asia Pacific and Japan
Abbott Vascular

“ScienTec Search is easily the best search firm I have worked with so far. I have hired marketing professionals in the US, UK and Australia via search firms and from my experience, they often flooded us with resumes in the hope that one or two will be shortlisted. In contrast, every candidate presented by ScienTec Search had potential - I wanted to interview them all! They are professional, efficient and great to work with. They will always be my first contact in the region and I wish there were ScienTec Search equivalents around the world”

Senior Director, London
Thomson Scientific - Asia Pacific Assignment

“I am very satisfied with the high quality support that ScienTec Search has been providing us. Out of all the agencies that we had used to search for our Regional Sales Manager role in Singapore, ScienTec Search offered excellent service. They were able to identify relevant candidates, understood our industry well, assisted in the interview process and kept us informed via regular feedback. I like their consultative approach which gives us better insights into the talent market in our industry. The consultants are professional, efficient and I will not hesitate to recommend anyone to use their services.”

Sales Director
Bibby Scientific

"The ScienTec Search consultant handled my job requests and applications professionally. She gave me sound advice on the expectations of the job that I was keen to apply for. She was meticulous and understood the requirements of the client's demands really well. She went the extra mile to go through the key aspects and interview requirements with me before the actual interview ensuring a high passing rate. I wouldn't have gone this far or secure the job, if not for her attentiveness and professionalism. Highly commended for prospective job seekers."

Sales Manager (Performance Material)
UL International-Singapore

“It has been a pleasant experience working with the ScienTec Search consultant in my search for a suitable career opportunity. The role recommended was suitable and according to my area of interest. Appropriate information and discussions were provided prior to the interview and at the same time the post-interview status was updated regularly. Overall, it was a great experience and a high level of professionalism was displayed during the process.”

Regional Product Specialist, Asia
Bibby Scientific

“I would like to express my sincere appreciation to ScienTec Search for their help in locating the right candidate for our Product Sales Manager, Science and Technology Books. The candidates they shortlisted were of high quality and it was clear that they had taken the time to understand our business needs, corporate culture, and the unique skill sets that we were looking for.”

HR Director, Asia Pacific
Elsevier – Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, China Assignments

“I worked with ScienTec Search on several occasions where they helped with filling both contract and permanent positions within Elsevier’s regional marketing team. Not only were the consultants well-versed with our company’s manpower requirements, they were also very timely and professional in their services provided. As a result of their personalised and dedicated service, they always referred a stellar range of candidates who were not only highly qualified but also possessed the necessary positive attitude. I will always recommend ScienTec Search for any organisation’s recruitment needs.”

Regional Marketing Manager


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