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The Cupid Effect: Love in the Office
So begs the question: To hide or to be free? In the old days, most couples would choose the former. An office romance would be often frowned upon among both peers and the management – and in extreme cases, they may affect careers. That line is not so defined these days.  In a survey reported by, 80% out of 415 participants said they approve of office romance. However, 75% of those who have had re...
15 Feb 2017
ScienTec CEO shares insights on filling C-Suite Positions in Asia
SCIENTEC CEO INTERVIEW IN FUNWORLD - Karen Tok, ScienTec Consulting’s CEO, is featured in this month’s issue of Funworld, the official magazine of IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) as she answers pertinent questions regarding filling C-Suite positions. The following are the original answers extracted from her interview: When do you promote from within? "Whether to promo...
01 Feb 2016
Life @ HR
Being a company that truly understands HR, we specially designed a calendar depicting a candid look of Life @ HR by showcasing the many hats that HR has to wear. Featuring the humorous cartoon strips of Glasbergen, the calendar was a hit with our clients, bringing a knowing smile to their faces!
28 Dec 2015
Employment Outlook: Slow in Certain Sectors but Growth in Others
SCIENTEC CEO INTERVIEW IN STRAITS TIMES - With the current turmoil in the global stock markets and China’s economy slowing down, there is concern that employers may be putting on the brakes in regards to their hiring plans. As a recruitment and headhunting firm interacting directly with HR and senior hiring managers across industries in Singapore and Asia-Pacific, we have a good picture of what the general sentiment...
17 Sep 2015
Attracting Millennials
SCIENTEC CEO INTERVIEW IN HR MAGAZINE - ScienTec Consulting CEO, Karen Tok, was interviewed by HR Magazine for the article 'Re-looking at Recruitment' which showed how HR has adapted and evolved their hiring strategies to hire Millennials. “To attract Millennials, it is critical to embrace their traits of high energy, tech-savviness, outspokenness, impatience for change and growth – and channel them into ...
30 Jun 2015