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Our Workplace Is Our Playground!
Here at ScienTec, we believe in creating a fun and engaging environment that truly inspires team building and bonding. At our Annual Dinner & Dance, we were transported to ancient Egypt and Rome as everyone came dressed in awesome period costumes! Held at the Il Lido restaurant in the Sentosa Golf Club, the event was the first time ever that ScienTec teamed up with sister companies Good Job Creations and Will Group Asia...
19 Dec 2014
The Perks of Playing Captain’s Ball
Together with sister company Good Job Creations, the team members from ScienTec Search, ScienTec Personnel and ScienTec Consulting jumped in for a light-hearted game of Captain’s Ball. Clad in sport attire, everybody was ready to give it their best shot. This was the first time that ScienTec teamed up with GJC and though competitive, it was all in the name of good sportsmanship. By the time the game ended, everybody w...
05 Dec 2014
On The Right Trail To Health
Companies that work out together, stay together! The entire ScienTec Family made their way to Kent Ridge Park by a chartered bus after work. From there, they hiked up a hill and was divided into groups of four. Like ‘The Amazing Race’, they had to hunt for clues together as a team to be able to advance to different stations. It was no easy feat! Refreshments were given out after the game to keep everybody hydrat...
07 Nov 2014
The Great Escape
The entire ScienTec family gathered at New Bridge Road for ‘Exit Plan’, a first-person reality game room designed to bond teams together. The atmosphere buzzed with careless confidence, with each team foreseeing their win in the next hour to come. In this game, the teams had to look for clues in three different rooms, with one clue leading to the next. The clues could be found on the walls and even on the ground...
17 Oct 2014
From Improving Careers to Impacting Lives
On a daily basis, we work on improving the careers of our candidates by matching them to jobs that meet their expectations and fulfill their aspirations. However, for half-a-day every quarter, we shift our attention to impacting the lives of those who are truly in need of assistance. The company sets aside a significant budget for this and we close for business to conduct the meaningful activities planned.  For our...
26 Sep 2014