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Spending Quality Time with the Elderly
We gathered at Changi City Point to take the elderly out with us again for another round of grocery shopping and tea as part of our quarterly CSR initiative. Every one of us looks forward to this day as we get to meet the elderly and check up on how they are doing. As we went about shopping and subsequently having tea, we took the time to learn more about their lives. Overall it was a day well spent and everyone was in grea...
01 Nov 2013
Best Small Recruitment Business & Best Marketing Campaign 2013
ScienTec Consulting has been commended in the categories of Best Small Recruitment Business and Best Marketing Campaign at the Global Recruiter Asia Pacific Awards 2013. For the former, it was ScienTec Consulting’s second win in as many years. It was in recognition of their great customer service and candidate experience, community involvement, and clear quantifiable business success. ScienTec Consulting’s CEO...
03 Oct 2013
 Making Over that House on the Hill
Stepping into a one-room studio flat in Redhill, we were charged up to help the elderly owners to make over their home as part of our quarterly CSR activities. Everyone put on their gloves and threw themselves into the task of cleaning and painting over the next few hours. Divided into teams, some of us packed up their belongings while others sifted through unwanted items. For items that they did not want to throw out like ...
19 Jul 2013
Maximise Your Online Job Seeker Profiles
If you’re looking for a job, optimising your online profiles could be one of the most important things you can do today. While a well-crafted offline resume will always remain relevant, optimising your online job seeker profiles greatly increase your chances of getting contacted for an opportunity. With over 12 years of experience in executive search and professional recruitment, ScienTec Consulting’s talent acq...
17 May 2013
Talent Opportunities in Singapore’s Developing Biomedical Industry
Singapore is poised to become the region’s hub for the biomedical industry through improved biomedical research infrastructure and policies conducive to new investment. As a result, the country is playing a critical role in the expansion plans of the sector’s prominent global organisations and Asian enterprises. According to the EDB’s 2012 fact sheet figures, the country is host to eight major pharmaceutic...
13 May 2013