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Getting Smart About Talent Acquisition in Biomedical Sciences
SCIENTEC CEO ARTICLE IN HRM - Talent acquisition has become a hot topic for biomedical sciences companies all over the world. With candidates now asking, “What’s in it for me?” instead of stating, “This is what I have to offer,” biotech companies need to change their approach to talent acquisition. Talent Acquisition involves more than simple recruiting. It plays a crucial role within an ...
14 Apr 2007
The Science of Her Success
SCIENTEC CEO FOUR-PAGE FEATURE IN HER WORLD MAGAZINE. February’s issue of Her World magazine tells the story of ScienTec CEO Karen Tok in a glossy four page spread. Having been retrenched twice during the dotcom bubble burst, most would expect her to give up the idea of starting a business by herself. However, Karen stood her ground and stayed positive. “It was a good experience. I learned that the responsibi...
01 Feb 2007