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Our Process & Methodology

Strategic Integration

We integrate our proprietary methodologies and distil them into a 7-Step Process Recruitment Methodology™ for superior talent acquisition and service delivery. Great talent is the foundation for all successful companies - this is why our recruitment objective is focussed on helping you hire right from the outset every time, to solve current business issues and drive lasting achievement.

  ScienTec Consulting 7-Step Process Recruitment Methodology™


Talent Sourcing

We target both active and passive candidates to ensure that our database has the widest reach to fulfil every client’s specific needs. For active candidates, we utilise the myriad tools of social media recruitment, advertising online and offline, career fair participation, focussed networking, commercial portals and databases, and our very own websites/microsites. For passive candidates, talent mapping, targeted searches and referral strategies are some of the methods that are primarily used. Our research and resourcing team target not only local candidates, but extend their reach across geographical borders.


                       ScienTec Consulting Sourcing Methodology™

Our Executive & Specialist Search Services

We have two distinct search services that will fill all your talent needs:

• Retained & Committed Search
• Contingency Search