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HR Consulting & Outsourcing

Our Human Resources Consulting & Outsourcing Services are customised to align with client’s business strategies. Various models are tailored to support growth initiatives for rapid hiring, to streamline recruitment processes, to optimise HR resources and achieve both direct and indirect savings for the client.

Human Resource Advisory

We collaborate with clients to understand their organisational strategic direction and offer HR advisory on workable and practical solutions such as Employee Engagement, Talent Management, Training and Development, Organisational Design, Performance Management Development, etc. As an enterprising company, ScienTec has pioneered and delivered different lines of services to enable our clients to focus on their core business, and to have the peace of mind of effective HR delivery.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

How Innovative Is Your Recruitment Approach and Processes? To win in today’s highly competitive market, organisations need the expertise and differentiated approach in sourcing and attraction strategies. That’s why clients are turning to ScienTec to orchestrate the full processes of Attracting, Sourcing, Screening, Pipelining, Interviewing, Offering, Onboarding, Analytics and Technology support.

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HR Support Services

We undertake a full suite of operational functions so that your HR resources are effectively optimised in higher value business partnering activities. We offer Payroll Services & Administration (see testimonial at bottom of page); Employee Contract Outsourcing; Leave Administration; Healthcare Benefits & Insurance Claims Administration; JD Development; Drafting of HR Letters & Contracts, Employment Pass/Work Permit Applications & Appeals, Setting up Employee P-File Systems; Performance Measurement, Exit Interviews,  etc.

Social Media Recruitment

We advise on the most efficient means of utilising the various popular social media platforms to reach out to your intended audience. Stay connected, stay online and stay in touch with your key demographics.

Employer Branding

Building a strong employer brand and shaping a compelling Employer Value Proposition, is pivotal to talent attraction. A strong employer brand is an enabler for you to fulfil your business goals with solid talent pools. From messaging development to campaign execution, we are here to help.

Talent Solutions

Look no further than our talent solutions to enhance your hiring and retention capabilities. Consisting of HR evaluation tools, performance measurements, the aforementioned employer branding, and in some areas, training, these customised solutions are currently offered for the following Functions/Industries:

ScienTec Outsourcing Value

Testimonial - Payroll Services & Administration

“We are extremely pleased to provide our testimonial for the services we receive from the ScienTec Consulting staff. She is highly professional, hardworking and committed. Any issue that we raise to her is handled with the right level of urgency and with a positive approach, ensuring we all meet our deadlines. Even when she was on long leave, we could count on her to get back to us and make sure all issues were resolved in the best manner. We hope to continue to work with her and we appreciate very much the added value we receive from her.”

Payroll Administrator & Accountant
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