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Highly specialised engineering and manufacturing professionals with the skills, experience and industry knowledge as well as processes, are highly valued.  With our proprietary sourcing and hiring methodologies, you can be assured of accurate and timely talent solutions for your organisational needs.


“I would like to thank ScienTec Search consultants for all the work that they have put in. I'm very impressed with their persistence and the time they have taken to guide me through each stage of the interview. I was not only encouraged by the way they presented the career opportunity to me, but I also felt being very buttressed throughout. Career switch is a serious decision in life, and I am glad that they have brought to me this opportunity at this crucial time. I would not have travelled for two days to another state for an interview in person, if not for the consultant's powerful convincing skills. I wish all them the very best”

APAC Service Engineer
John Bean Technologies

"I would like to formally express my appreciation and thanks to the ScienTec Search consultant, whose effort and hard work went into coordinating this project.  She had taken the time to explain the role and requirements and all essential corporate updates as the new incorporation was taking place in Singapore.  Her constant communication helped me to sustain as a competitive candidate throughout, despite the extended hiring process, which was rather unexpected.

I would like to have a special mention on her thoroughness to spearhead the living assistance in United States with the client, which is critical. The consultant had taken into consideration areas/details which I had not thought of, which was useful for my tenure there. Many thanks to the consultant. Without her, things would not have moved as smoothly nor as quickly."

Compliance Engineer
Insulet Corporation

“I have to comment that the whole recruitment process has been very impressive & professionally taken care of. One exceptional characteristic of ScienTec Search’s consultant that is worth highlighting is their ability to understand and feel the stress and pressure that the candidates are going through. Although never spoken, their actions show a lot. And with this understanding, they have gone the extra mile to follow up with emails and communications over weekends and even late nights. It is through their constant feedback and updates that made the whole interview process less taxing than already necessary. Really appreciate their help and extra effort in going beyond their call of duty in this whole recruitment process. I would definitely recommend ScienTec to my friends and associates.”

Production Manager
Illumina – Singapore Assignment

"I have worked with many headhunting consultants before however two of the consultants from ScienTec Search stood out amongst them. The whole experience of working with them throughout the interview process has been a very pleasant one and I am most impressed by their first-rate and efficient support, knowledge and service. Their professionalism is outstanding and commendable. I would like to express my deepest appreciation for their hard work and assistance rendered."

Project Manager, Vendor Management
Insulet Corporation

“I am writing to express my heartfelt appreciation for the professional services rendered by the consultant from ScienTec Search which has led to my successful move to Abbott Nutrition.  One of her exceptional strengths is her curiosity about people. On the one hand, it allows her to identify potential candidates like me, even before I was actively looking out. She has also honed her skills to establish if the candidates have the right capabilities and fit for the role based on the hirer's written and subtle expectations. Her speed and responsiveness are impressive - it often feels that she works around the clock and is always thinking one step ahead. I appreciate her insights into the interviewers, which helped me prepare for my interviews and flex my style accordingly.  It reflects that she has a good knowledge of her clients and companies. I will readily recommend her and ScienTec to others if the opportunity arises.”

Regional Quality and Compliance Manager (Asia)


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