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A Truly People-First Organisation That Invests In Its People

“As someone with zero experience in this industry, I received tremendous coaching not just from the official programme, but also from my direct team leader, as well as other team’s leaders and members. It is the kind of environment that makes you want to be a consultant straightaway!”

Phoenix Chan
Recruitment Consultant

“ScienTec is different from the other agencies I had worked for in so many ways. In the areas of training, the boot camp is not just a 2-hour or 2-day orientation like other agencies. Instead it covers even process efficiency, unique best practices, project management tools so that we can achieve good results without having to work long hours and those who do put in long hours often overachieve what was expected of them.”

Celestine Irizari
Senior Recruitment Consultant

“Besides the official training, there are lots of opportunities created for everyone to learn from each other. The management team has successfully provided a conducive learning environment that even the leaders are not afraid to learn from his/her junior members. This shapes an environment of cooperation and support, which I think is rare in today’s workplace. The leadership coaching also gave me the confidence to step up to lead a large team in a very short time, aided with professional training in areas such as negotiating and time management, and constantly striving for ‘best practice’ throughout the sales force. ScienTec is truly a great place to work!”

Shennon Loh
Senior Team Leader

“I didn’t have any experience when I first join ScienTec. I was given a great step-by-step process training to very quickly get a great understanding of the business.  I was also given the opportunity to take on overseas RPO projects which resulted in great success.  Now as a new member in the leadership team, I have so much to learn and am discovering my own potential. The reliable system in place makes it easier for me to coach and lead my team.”

Zinc Teo
Senior Recruitment Consultant

“As a leader, I benefited from the leadership coaching which included financial analysis and our fortnightly leadership support group, amongst others. The centralised training freed up time for the leaders to attend to client and candidate issues, specific sourcing challenges, instilling motivation and giving directions for the team to succeed. As a leader, besides teaching and driving team objectives, there are lots of time given for personal learning and growth. ScienTec gives me just the kind of support I need.”

Ann Chuan
Team Leader

“The 3-month boot camp training, doesn’t just benefit those with zero recruitment experience, but also those with a few years of experience in other agencies. I’ve gained so much in the following areas and more: project management, time management, objective competency scorecard, effective requirements gathering, offer management, contingency search with retained search process, etc.”

Maila Hermosura
Recruitment Consultant

“Not all overachievers are guaranteed to succeed when he/she steps up to lead. ScienTec’s leadership training and close coaching for new leaders and team members are what I appreciate the most. Unlike other agencies who hire and fire, ScienTec’s management team puts in a lot of time and energy to identify the skill gap for those who are slower to catch up. And more importantly, having the patience and understanding of the struggles faced by those who need more help.”

Kim Griffin
Consulting Director, Asia


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