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Contingency Search

Experience the Speed of Contingency Searches with Retained Search Methodologies

We pride ourselves in presenting only quality candidates that match clients’ role requirements. We understand that many HR departments are facing challenging openings with demanding hiring managers, and limited HR budgets.

Here at ScienTec Search, we have a unique hybrid process that combines our expertise in targeted search and quick access to candidate pools. Our clients enjoy the speed of delivery without the pain of upfront financial outlay. Our track record of successful fulfilments in contingency searches in the following key industries and functions, have also earned us exclusivity in the majority of our assignments.


Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical
Healthcare & Clinical Services
Consumer Healthcare & FMCG
Biotechnology / Life Sciences
Medical Devices & Instruments
Lab Instruments & Supplies
Technology & Engineering


C-Suite/Board Level
Research & Development
Corporate Services
Sales & Marketing
Finance & Accounting
Engineering & Manufacturing
Technical & Scientific

For junior functional roles across all industries, visit our ScienTec Personnel site here.