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ScienTec Consulting People First

We engage with our community via our CSR initiative 'ScienTec Consulting People First'. An extension of our core value of People First, it provides a meaningful channel for us to go from improving people's careers to impacting the lives of the less fortunate in society. 

“Success of a business is not just about making money; it is about bringing value to its customers, employees and community directly or indirectly. Our business actions count, and as a team we can make a positive impact on society and promote positive change.” - Karen Tok, Founder & CEO, ScienTec Consulting Pte Ltd

Our Mission

We are dedicated to promoting community awareness and involvement by actively creating and participating in ‘people first’ initiatives while embracing the values of Care, Fulfilment and Inspiration.

We believe that when we care for others and make a difference, especially to those who are truly in need of assistance, this in turn enriches and fulfils our own lives, inspiring us to continue giving and caring.

Our Activities

Community Engagement at ScienTec is initiated and driven by our founder Karen Tok. She has always been passionate about bringing positive change to society. Started 10 years ago when the company had less than 5 employees, she launched its first project at the St George Crisis Shelter. On every last Friday of the month, the team met with people who were seeking temporary shelter at the centre; they were looking for jobs and needed help with their resumes, interview skills and even managing their cash flow to get them on the road to recovery. 

Since then, our CSR initiative has become a much larger project impacting the lives of thousands of people, especially the under privileged elderly and youth. The company sets aside a significant budget for this and in essence gives its employees time-off (we close for business for half-a-day) to engage in a variety of meaningful activities, for example, visits to the homes of the elderly, going on excursions with underprivileged children, etc.

Key Recent Initiatives

1) Cleaner Home, Healthier Life - we roll up our sleeves to help pack, clean and paint the homes of the elderly who are home alone and in some cases, physically challenged.

2) Shop & Fun Companion - we take the elderly out shopping for groceries and essentials (using our CSR funds and individual contributions) whilst connecting with them and keeping them company.

3) Other Initiatives: