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Client Testimonials

“Selecting the right talent for our company is very important to us and we are glad to have found a recruitment firm that understands just that. I would like to thank the entire staff of ScienTec Search for their dedication, professionalism, patience and knowledge in finding us the right person for the position of Director of Finance and Business Operations.

I really enjoyed working with their team throughout the recruitment process. I want to thank them again for all their efforts”.

Director, Finance and Business Operations
Valeant Development Company

“ScienTec Search has proven invaluable in supplying qualified candidates to our organisation. Within a short notice, ScienTec was able to line up a number of high quality candidates for our interview, during our visits to Singapore. ScienTec has helped us to find and hire the most qualified local talent; they are knowledgeable, professional, and they deliver the type of responsiveness our business requires.

I enjoyed working with their team of executives who are so committed to quality service and customer satisfaction.”

R&D Director, Asia

“We have utilised ScienTec Search to help us find our Regional Sales Manager position to be based in our China office. We appreciate their high level of ethics, professionalism, enthusiasm and competence. They saved us time with their rigorous screening process, and they work especially hard to present only qualified candidates within a short time. We recommend them highly!”

HR Manager
Genelabs Diagnostics - China Assignment

“The ScienTec Search team has done an EXCELLENT job! I am very happy with their service, responsiveness, and effectiveness on the executive search assignment in China. I will recommend ScienTec Search to anyone and will use their services in the future. In fact, we will be giving them the Japan recruitment project right away.”

Vice President & Asia Pole Manager
Insightec, Israel - China and Japan Assignments

“ScienTec Search and ScienTec Personnel have always met, if not exceeded our expectations when it came to working on the senior/managerial positions. The consultants have always delivered their service in a very professional and responsible manner and I do hope that we will have a chance to work together again.”

Human Resource – Staffing and Operations
Roche Technical Operations

“They have proven their resourcing capability in finding us the top notch talents for our quality team, and I appreciate their articulation of each job role and how they would impact on our business objectives. ScienTec Search has been working with us very closely in spite of the time difference and I am always assured of their prompt follow-up, agility to calibrate and fine tune the search for the right fit.

They also managed well-coordinated logistics arrangements for our rounds of interviews, and I appreciate the insights sharing of the local employment market. These helped us to closely align with the appropriate market practice.”

Vice President, Regulatory and Quality Assurance

“I want to thank ScienTec Search for their steadfast efforts in helping us comb the market for suitable candidates. I appreciate the creative ways that they used to solicit good candidates.

 Overall, I am very pleased with their high quality of service and I am sure there are more opportunities for Elsevier and ScienTec to work together.”

Regional O2C Head

“Thank you ScienTec Search for helping me out both as a candidate and a hiring manager.

In my first encounter with ScienTec’s consultant, she came across as someone sincere who demonstrated a deep understanding of how her client operated; the demands of the role in question and was very capable in painting a vivid description of the job scope. She gave me a deep sense of trust and she was always available when I had questions.
Owing to the experience I had when I was recruited, I had high expectations when I had to work with the same consultant to back-fill positions in my team. She did not disappoint.

In these recruitment exercises with her, I have come to rely on her expertise and sound judgment of potential candidates. I appreciated the fact that she gave me her very candid assessments rather than trying to sell just any candidate to close her transaction with us. This is starkly different from my past experience with other recruitment agencies. She is my trusted advisor.

She has also stepped up to help implement written assessments, with questions supplied by Elsevier. This test serves to weed out candidates unsuited to the type of work we do. This is a great help to me because I used to have to conduct these tests, which are time-consuming. I really look forward to continue working with ScienTec – they have made recruitment in Elsevier such a breeze.”

Manager, E-Sales Support, APAC Region

“With the health science industry growing and Abbott expanding, ScienTec Search was a great help in our hunt for the niche talent area from the region in the shortest time. They are an energetic and positive team to work with, and have strong knowledge and efficient recruitment processes.

Their in-depth requirements gathering and careful study of our needs has resulted in successful placements in challenging roles. I enjoyed working with them, for they take initiative and are always on the move to get things done!”

Regional Manager, Talent Acquisition, SE & Central Asia
Abbott Laboratories

“We needed experienced Molecular and Cell Biology PhD scientists and ScienTec Search rapidly identified candidates both overseas and in Singapore. Among these candidates, a few proved to be exceptional in both leadership abilities and quality of publications. Some of the outstanding candidates were from Singapore and others from overseas. ScienTec Search gets my highest accolade for their abilities to locate talented scientists and I will certainly recommend them to my colleagues.”


“With the booming Life Sciences sector in Singapore and the region comes new challenges in recruiting in this limited talent pool. ScienTec Search's experience in this sector, regional search ability and their commitment were the keys to fulfilling our recruitment needs. nThey don’t just understand the unique requirements we need but also the challenges our industry faces, thus they are able to present us the right candidates.

We would recommend ScienTec to anyone, and would certainly use ScienTec for future hiring needs of our company.”

Manager, Customer Relations Management
Biomedical Research & Support Service

“ScienTec Search was able to help us with hunting for the right candidate for our Marketing Manager role in the shortest time. The candidates they shortlisted were of high quality and it was clear that they had taken the time to understand our business needs, corporate culture, and the unique skill sets that we were looking for in this role.

Elsevier believes in delivering high quality service and we are glad to work with a partner who has a similar value system.”

Senior Marketing Manager

“ScienTec Search has been extremely responsive and resourceful in helping us identify some great candidates for our Country Manager position in India. I find the firm professional, diligent, productive with a very good understanding of the market as well as the time urgency needed in recruiting successfully.

I have enjoyed working with ScienTec Search and believe we have built a stellar business relationship that will go on in future years. I highly recommend ScienTec Search for their network and understanding of my needs and core business.”

HR Manager
Haw Par Healthcare - India Assignment

“I would like to express my sincere appreciation to ScienTec Search for their help in locating the right candidate for our Product Sales Manager, Science and Technology Books. The candidates they shortlisted were of high quality and it was clear that they had taken the time to understand our business needs, corporate culture, and the unique skill sets that we were looking for.”

HR Director, Asia Pacific
Elsevier – Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, China Assignments

“I would like to thank ScienTec Search for all the support that their team has been able to provide my company.

In particular, I wanted to thank the consulting manager and the consultant for the professional, consistent and high-quality of service they have been able to deliver.

The reason why ScienTec is among the top of my list in providing recruitment support is because they are very easy to work with, patient and knowledgeable with both the technical and non-technical aspects of my company’s recruitment needs, and do so with a warmth and friendliness that is genuine. In urgent situations where I’ve had to obtain market information on salary structures for very niche positions, they have gone above and beyond in putting together profiles within very tight deadlines— something that I am very grateful for.

Given that my functional managers have very specific requirements in the candidates they select, ScienTec has time and again been effective in communicating/clarifying our recruitment needs and returning with candidates that are a close fit to our cost structure and culture. In the sea of recruitment agencies, ScienTec Search has a dynamic team of professionals that I look forward to engaging as both people and professionals.”

Asst. Admin/HR Manager
Pacific Radiance

“I would like to express my gratitude to ScienTec Search for its contribution to our talent acquisition. As the service provider of Spirent, ScienTec Search has been doing a great job by demonstrating a great sense of responsibility and high enthusiasm in searching candidates for us. We do believe we gained a lot from the service, from position requirements, communication with candidates and recommendations to interview arrangements.

We really appreciate ScienTec’s immediate follow-up and response, which helped and supported us a lot. We made good progress in the three roles assigned to ScienTec.”

Human Resources Manager
Spirent Communications Technology (Beijing)

"We have worked with the ScienTec Search consultant a couple of times. Our experience with her was definitely an impressive and pleasant one. She is resourceful, responsive and customer orientated. She has never failed to carry out her deliverables with professionalism and enthusiasm. Being a responsible and committed consultant, she would always communicate effectively between us and suitable candidates. She goes the extra mile in screening and selecting the right candidates. She has a charming personality that makes her a very effective and efficient consultant.

We will strongly recommend ScienTec Search to our business contacts with recruitment and human resources needs."

HR Manager
Mercurio Design Lab (A member of the AMA Group)

“I would like to thank the ScienTec Search Consultant for her prompt and kind assistance in the recruitment of the Internal Auditor for Sunningdale Tech Ltd.

It was not a smooth-sailing journey throughout the last few months, especially when our recruitment requirements were so stringent. She was always ready to respond and help in any way she could. Despite multiple drop-outs, she never gave up on finding the right candidate for us. Her hard work paid off at last. I am very impressed with her resourcefulness, professionalism and the level of competency in identifying the right candidates for us. I look forward to working with ScienTec again.”

HR Executive
Sunningdale Tech