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Candidate Testimonials

“I was quite apprehensive initially about looking for a job through an agency as I've heard of many unpleasant stories from my friends. However, the job description posted was appealing enough for me to take the leap of faith and I'm glad I did. 

The ScienTec Search consultant responded promptly after I sent in my resume – she took the time to understand my current situation and explained the job requirements to me to ensure I was comfortable with what the company has to offer. With her timely assistance along the way, I managed to get the job. Many thanks to her and ScienTec Search.”

Marketing & Corporate Communications Executive
A.M. Associates

“I am writing to express my heartfelt appreciation for the professional services rendered by the consultant from ScienTec Search which has led to my successful move to Abbott Nutrition.  One of her exceptional strengths is her curiosity about people. On the one hand, it allows her to identify potential candidates like me, even before I was actively looking out. 

She has also honed her skills to establish if the candidates have the right capabilities and fit for the role based on the hirer's written and subtle expectations. Her speed and responsiveness are impressive - it often feels that she works around the clock and is always thinking one step ahead. I appreciate her insights into the interviewers, which helped me prepare for my interviews and flex my style accordingly.  It reflects that she has a good knowledge of her clients and companies. I will readily recommend her and ScienTec to others if the opportunity arises.”

Regional Quality and Compliance Manager (Asia)

"The ScienTec Search consultant is very responsive. She gave updates very often and followed up throughout the recruitment process. In less than a week, I had my employment contract ready."

Game Designer
A.M. Associates

“Thanks to the ScienTec Search consultant for contacting me. I appreciate her for recommending me this job opportunity. Her professional service and efficiency really impressed me. She provided me with all the pointers and interview tips which helped me to attain the job successfully. I am happy to get this new job opportunity within such a short period of time.

I will definitely recommend her and ScienTec Search to my friends who are seeking new job opportunities.” 

Business Analyst
Olympus Singapore

“The consultant from ScienTec Search did a thorough job in her research and went the extra mile to understand my skills set and career aspirations. She is a good listener and has great interpersonal skills. Throughout the search process, she engaged proactively with me and kept me abreast of the hiring progress at every stage.

Furthermore, she provided me with great insight into her client’s matrix organisation which helped me to navigate successfully with every internal stakeholder. 

She is extremely committed and proved to be an invaluable strategic partner for both client and candidate. Her consistent track record of providing good candidates to my company speaks volumes of her dedication – it’s truly a hallmark of a professional head-hunter! She is definitely a great asset to the company and I wish her every success in her career.”

Sales Manager, Consumer Electronics
UL International

“I would like to thank the consultant from ScienTec Search for her effort and time in helping me secure the Customer Value Manager position at Misys. She has a good knowledge of what Misys wanted for the role and her guidance was really helpful during the interview process. It has been a great pleasure working with her to help me land this role. I look forward to her placing me in a more senior role in the future.”

Customer Value Manager

“The ScienTec Search consultant has been exceedingly patient and thorough throughout the entire job interview process, and was proactive in understanding and aligning my needs with the job specifications. She was able to effectively communicate and convey what the job requirements were, and was invaluable in establishing a clear channel of communications with Elsevier. I cannot recommend her enough.”

Solutions Consultant (e-Platform and Content)
Research Solutions Sales

“It has been a pleasant experience working with the ScienTec Search consultant in my search for a suitable career opportunity. The role recommended was suitable and according to my area of interest. Appropriate information and discussions were provided prior to the interview and at the same time the post-interview status was updated regularly. Overall, it was a great experience and a high level of professionalism was displayed during the process.”

Regional Product Specialist, Asia
Bibby Scientific

“The consultant whom I worked with at ScienTec Search provided me with excellent support and advice. She came across to me as an individual with remarkable work ethics and she has clearly excelled in her role while maintaining a high level of productivity throughout our interaction. Her cheerful and optimistic disposition has also enhanced the overall positive experience for me.

People are always resistant to change and the same goes for me. Initially, I was pretty skeptical about the idea of changing industries and was questioning the relevance of the knowledge transfer. However, the consultant was very patient in explaining about the role and responsibilities as an Inside Sales Account Manager with Elsevier and constantly made efforts to relate the job scope to my role then as a Maintenance Solution Specialist with IBM.

The consultant followed up with calls to provide additional background information about the interviewer which helped greatly during the interview process. 

I was particularly impressed with how she was unwavering in her pursuit of the high standards she has set for herself and constantly urging me that the challenges could be overcome which did give me the assurance I needed then.

The consultant was also always prompt in getting back to me on any queries that I may have had. Throughout the engagement process, she constantly provided her professional expertise that was useful and relevant. With her dedication to her work and commitment to excellence, she has sacrificed much personal time to fulfil her work responsibilities. 

Many times, calls were done after-office hours to minimise any disruption to my job then which was much appreciated. In addition, she was always willing to listen to my needs and address concerns appropriately without making prejudiced conclusions.

All in all, the consultant is a dedicated, meticulous and professional individual and I am grateful for her recommendation of my current role at Elsevier Singapore.”

Inside Sales Account Manager, Academic & Government

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank ScienTec Search for introducing me to UL. Throughout the interview process, the consultant constantly updated me and provided me with the tools to prepare for the interviews. I am very impressed with the professionalism and friendly approach!

I will definitely recommend ScienTec to others who are looking to advance their career and also to companies that are looking for good candidates.”

Sales Manager
UL International-Singapore

“I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to ScienTec Search for helping me land a role in Underwriters Laboratories. The ScienTec Search consultant whom I worked with is a dedicated professional who took the effort to keep me updated on prospective roles on a regular basis.

She also went the extra mile to prepare me in advance prior to several rounds of interviews. In addition, she provided me with meaningful industrial insights and important advice that greatly increased my chances of securing a job.

She also provided me with prompt updates of the progress. Most importantly, she was able to obtain a good salary scale for me. I feel at peace placing the fate of my career in ScienTec Search.

I enthusiastically recommend the consultant for her service. She is a real asset to the company.”

Sales Manager
Underwriters Laboratories

“Thank you for all the support rendered to me during my job search. I am very privileged to have met a very professional recruiter who has guided me through the whole job search process and supported me in every way. Below are some key strengths of ScienTec that I feel differentiates it from competitors:

1. ScienTec takes the time and effort to get to know their candidates. I appreciate the ScienTec Search consultant taking the time to call me over the phone to clarify my job roles a few times and coming all the way to Bedok to meet up with me before the first interview. This service is very personalised and I also saw her taking down key points that I shared pertaining to my job scope so that it could be shared with Illumina. She is very responsible and careful, wanting to make sure that I have some key strengths that Illumina is looking for, while not compromising my career aspirations and needs as well.

2. ScienTec offers professional advice to its clients. I can see a strong partnership between Illumina and ScienTec. This business relationship is a key strength of ScienTec. She understood the needs of both parties (company and candidates) and is able to build up trust with both.

3. ScienTec takes time to coach and prepare candidates for the interview. I really appreciate the information shared with me to help me to prepare and excel in my interview.

4. Fast and quick updates - I received updates on interview results very quickly. There's usually a lot of anxiety while waiting for results but I did not have to wait a long time for them.

5. I have a very positive experience with ScienTec. The profiling, communication and follow-ups are all very professional. I'm impressed. I would strongly recommend ScienTec to anyone.  I have asked my husband to send in his resume as he is also planning to make a career switch.

I wish to take this opportunity to wish ScienTec Search great success and many wonderful years ahead.”

HR Business Partner

“I am thankful to the ScienTec Search consultant for helping me secure the Game Programmer role. It is what I wanted to kick-start my career as a game developer. She was very detailed from the start to the end in providing every detail I needed. The entire recruitment process took only two weeks and this is clear evidence that the consultant's efficient and dynamic attributes have contributed to the short recruitment timeframe. 

I am very satisfied with ScienTec’s services. I sincerely thank her and ScienTec for this role and wish them all the best in helping other employers and job seekers.”

Game Programmer
A.M. Associates

“My experience with ScienTec Search outshines others! The prompt response and the ability to find the right job and candidates are indeed remarkable and spectacular. Once again, I want to thank ScienTec for being the bridge and will certainly refer my friends. In fact, I believe whoever needs a best fit should not consider others but only ScienTec.”

Regional Project Delivery Manager
Arvato Digital Services

“I would like to thank ScienTec Search consultants for all the work that they have put in. I'm very impressed with their persistence and the time they have taken to guide me through each stage of the interview. I was not only encouraged by the way they presented the career opportunity to me, but I also felt being very buttressed throughout. 

Career switch is a serious decision in life, and I am glad that they have brought to me this opportunity at this crucial time. I would not have travelled for two days to another state for an interview in person, if not for the consultant's powerful convincing skills. I wish all them the very best”

APAC Service Engineer
John Bean Technologies

“ScienTec Search has done an excellent job in helping me to find placement in my employer of choice. Special mention has to go to my consultant at ScienTec Search for her guidance as well as her ability to make the process an enjoyable one. She handled the whole process with professionalism, while managing to add a personal touch. Her coaching enabled me to prepare myself more than adequately for the interviews and I appreciate the time she took in providing quality service. I would highly recommend ScienTec Search to any job seeker in need of a recruitment firm with access to attractive employers and quality recruitment consultants.”

Client Support Consultant
Thomson Reuters

“I would like to thank ScienTec Search for all the work that they have put in. I’m very impressed with their patience and the time they have taken to guide me through each stage of the interview process. I was not only inspired by the way they presented the career opportunity to me but also I felt very supported throughout.

Their strong knowledge and encouragement especially at the final stages were very valuable to me. Career switch is an important decision in life, I am glad that they have brought me this opportunity. I am excited and looking forward to the new challenges ahead in this role. I am more than happy to introduce ScienTec Search to whoever is recruiting or to be recruited.”

Business Development Manager
Kramer Electronics Asia Pacific

“It has been a real pleasure working with two of the ScienTec Search consultants throughout the recruitment process. They have been extremely helpful and supportive through the multiple rounds of interviews with Thomson Reuters’ management which finally led to myself inking the employment contract with them.

I really appreciate all the effort and initiative that they took to follow up with the client on the status of the interviews and providing me with invaluable feedback from the client. 

Their enthusiasm and eagerness to ensure the right match between the client’s expectations and the candidate’s skill profile are really commendable. They have also provided me with invaluable information and advice on the Life Sciences industry. Their in-depth knowledge of both the position I was applying for and the industry in general assisted me greatly in my preparation for the interviews.  I wish them both all the best in continuing to deliver to their clients the right candidates with their high level of professionalism.”

Senior Manager - Solutions Management (APAC)
Thomson Reuters

“Many thanks to the ScienTec Search consultant for all her assistance and professional advice provided over the past couple of weeks to help secure the new role for me. All our discussions have been very productive and I am truly impressed with her positive energy throughout our engagement. Her promptness to update me at every stage is also very much appreciated.

It has been a great experience working with ScienTec Search, and I will not hesitate to recommend their services to my friends.”

Regional Sales Manager
Thomson Reuters

“The field I work in is very specialised and requires a very unique placement. ScienTec Search not only did a remarkable job in finding me the perfect opportunity with a great company, but did so in a very depressed market. The team was extremely professional and diligent in following through with me and the client every step of the way to the very end. Thank you!”

Lead Product Manager
Thomson Reuters Asia

“My experience with ScienTec Search was the best that I ever had with any search firm. The ScienTec Search consultant was professional and prompt in her interactions with me. She provided me with a large amount of information that she had about the role and industry (I had no prior biomedical experience) before my interview which helped greatly. 

She was able to describe the major required characteristics of the desired candidate effectively. I found this very helpful in aligning my own strengths and suitability of the job. I also appreciate the follow-ups after the interviews and acceptance, which is a very nice touch.”

Corporate Development Manager
Vela DX

“I would like to say a big thank you to the ScienTec Search team for giving me the opportunity to embark on this new challenge in an upcoming technology sector. The consultant took extra time to attune to my ambitions and skills. It is a breath of fresh air to have a professional who is there with you at every step during the recruiting process, providing guidance and advice when needed.

It is also nice to see the synergy between a client's needs and candidate being maintained. These attributes are what makes ScienTec stand out as a great talent search firm.”

Regional Content Director (APAC)
Celltick Technologies – APAC Assignment

“Thank you so much for the great job opportunity you recommended. Within one week, I got a job as an accountant. They were very impressed with my interview due to the advice I was provided by ScienTec Search. I feel that this was a big reason for getting the job offer. Thanks again! ”

Elliot Ebara

“The two consultants from ScienTec Search have far exceeded my expectations of any search consultant from other recruitment agencies that I have encountered previously.

Their professionalism was evident when they realised that I would be leaving for a business trip and they went the extra mile to schedule all the interviews before I left the country. 

They then patiently followed up with me when I was overseas although knowing that I would not be able to return their calls or reply to their email timely. They value added by preparing me for the interview – their preparatory interview was tough! However, it more than adequately prepared me for the actual interview as it gave me lots of tips and points to consider.

I would like to sincerely thank the two consultants for going the extra mile during the whole recruitment process and for any job seeker who is fortunate to work with ScienTec, they can rest assured that they will be working with a very professional team and will obtain a top notch quality service.”

Regional Regulatory Manager
Abbott Molecular

“Working with ScienTec Search has definitely been an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. The ScienTec consultants have been very proactive right from the start and followed through the entire recruitment process promptly. They were always available to settle any queries or doubts that I had regarding the role and consistently portrayed a very positive and upbeat attitude in our conversations. Due to my work commitments, they went one step further by demonstrating wonderful client-oriented service by personally delivering the employment contract to me at my convenience. A big thanks to both ladies for their organisation and efficiency during the entire course of the recruitment process. Keep up the good work!” 

SE Asia Product Manager
Abbott Vascular

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