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“I would like to take the opportunity to really thank the ScienTec Search consultant and her team for getting such a good job offer for me at Mead Johnson in such a short period.

Really glad to have been referred by my ex-colleague. I had a really pleasurable experience with ScienTec Search. They were so quick in updating and following up on job opportunities and helping to prepare me with questions and answers for the interview and negotiating for better benefits and salary. What I like best is their very positive attitude. I had encountered so many recruit agencies and ScienTec is the best and most professional.

I would recommend ScienTec to my friends who are searching for jobs in the future.”

Material Disposition Specialist
Mead Johnson Nutrition (Asia Pacific)

"I would like to thank the ScienTec Search Engineering Team for their great help, and for diligently supporting me in getting my job at Elliott Group which is my dream job in the perfect location. Not to mention the great job negotiating the package on my behalf. That was the first time I used ScienTec Search’s service and found the consultants to be extremely attentive and efficient. She was extremely knowledgeable and approachable at all times.

One thing that I find very pleasant when working with her is she does not mind offering personal coaching on how to give a proper answer to possible interview questions, absolutely free of charge.Her facts and paradigm always turn out to be precise and accurate. I would have no hesitation in using her services again.”

Control Engineer
Elliot Ebara

“I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the consultant from the ScienTec Search Healthcare Team who reached out to me on an opportunity and subsequently helped me to land the role in this company. It was a refreshing change of industry for me. She was thorough in briefing me on the job scope and extremely patient in answering the many questions I had so as to ensure that I was well prepared for the interview. Her professionalism and tireless assistance throughout each stage of the recruitment process is extremely commendable.

It is really rare to find a headhunter who is reliable, responsible and goes the extra mile to ensure a successful placement for both the hiring company as well as the candidate."

APAC Channel Manager

“ScienTec Search is one of the best executive search firms that I have ever worked with in my career. I was very impressed with the ScienTec consultant’s high level of attention to detail and the professional follow- up that she undertook at every single touch point of the recruitment process. I truly appreciated that she kept me well-informed all throughout – she made sure that I was well prepared with all of the information that I needed.

Clear communication, constant feedback and great preparation from the ScienTec consultant made the entire recruitment process very smooth and comfortable. I would absolutely recommend anyone to contact ScienTec Search when considering a career move. Their follow-up and dedication is simply second-to-none.”

Asia Pacific Head of Rewards

“Thank you very much to ScienTec Search for the help in doing the pre-work with me for my interview with Abbott. It was the trained consultant’s advice and suggestions that had prepared me well for the interview and successfully got me the job. Honestly, ScienTec is really the most outstanding executive search company that I had come across as the servicing consultant is willing to go the extra mile, in spending her time with me on the phone and meeting me in-person, before each round of interviews.

I can feel her energy and passion in her work. I really appreciated ScienTec’s effort. Once  again,  I  would  like  to  thank  them  for  giving  me  the opportunity.”

Regional Six Sigma Leader
Abbott Diagnostic

"I would like to formally express my appreciation and thanks to the ScienTec Search consultant, whose effort and hard work went into coordinating this project. She had taken the time to explain the role and requirements and all essential corporate updates as the new incorporation was taking place in Singapore.

Her constant communication helped me to sustain as a competitive candidate throughout, despite the extended hiring process, which was rather unexpected. I would like to have a special mention on her thoroughness to spearhead the living assistance in United States with the client, which is critical.

The consultant had taken into consideration areas/details which I had not thought of, which was useful for my tenure there.

Many thanks to the consultant. Without her, things would not have moved as smoothly nor as quickly."

Compliance Engineer
Insulet Corporation

“I have to comment that the whole recruitment process has been very impressive & professionally taken care of. One exceptional characteristic of ScienTec Search’s consultant that is worth highlighting is their ability to understand and feel the stress and pressure that the candidates are going through. Although never spoken, their actions show a lot.

And with this understanding, they have gone the extra mile to follow up with emails and communications over weekends and even late nights. It is through their constant feedback and updates that made the whole interview process less taxing than already necessary.

Really appreciate their help and extra effort in going beyond their call of duty in this whole recruitment process. I would definitely recommend ScienTec to my friends and associates.”

Production Manager
Illumina Inc.

"During the entire search and evaluation process, the ScienTec Search consultant demonstrated a high level of professionalism as the go-to person between the employer and candidate. Her attention to details and thoroughness were highly commendable, and she communicated regularly to keep concerned parties updated of outcomes at all times.

Despite her busy schedule and the challenges she sometimes faced from time zone differences and calendar conflicts, the ScienTec Search consultant went beyond her immediate responsibilities to make sure the task at hand was completed and then some, all in a calm demeanor and disposition, which, once again, attested to her professionalism.”

Corporate Relations Director, Asia Pacific

"The consultant I worked with at ScienTec Search has knowledge and in-depth understanding of the healthcare industry and its network. This defines her as a very successful professional. She is extremely committed, resourceful and experienced. Possessing strong negotiation skills, high competency, great interpersonal skills and extensive insights into the job descriptions helps her to drive successful and consistent deliverables and become an invaluable strategic partner and advisor to for both clients and candidates.

She is the best headhunter I have ever come across, from the very first day, explaining to me in great detail about the job position, understanding my requirements and qualifications to match me to the job, co-coordinating the interviews while I was traveling, making sure I have all the information I needed before attending the interviews and the thorough follow-ups and updates on the outcome and processes even up to the point I signed the contract.

I have finally succeeded in achieving the regional position of Senior Salesforce Analyst. She is definitely an invaluable asset to the organisation and I wish her all the success in her career.”

Senior Sales Force Analyst, Regional Marketing

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the consultant of ScienTec Search for her outstanding services in my journey to this new job. She is very resourceful, experienced and professional. She had been the best consultant that I had ever encountered. She explains in great detail about the job position. She makes every effort to understand my requirements and match a position that fits my interest 100%. She is very efficient and managed to set up interviews despite my busy schedule. She always makes sure that I have all the information I need before my interview.

I also appreciate her constant follow-ups and updates on the status of the position. She is definitely a valuable asset to ScienTec Search. It is indeed a wonderful experience working with the team at ScienTec.

Once again, a big 'Thank You’ to the team of consultants for their hard work and dedication.”

Manager - Quality System
Vela Research

“It has indeed been a very wonderful experience working with the consultant at ScienTec Search. One of the hallmarks of the entire process has been complete transparency in all the dealings and discussions with the consultant who served me. During various stages of the recruitment process, all related aspects were clarified to me with complete transparency. Not just that, on many occasions, she even helped me understand aspects related to the organisation and the location better to help me arrive at the best decision. Throughout the entire process, the consultant has been very approachable. She kept the communication very prompt at all stages during the four-month process. At the same time, she was very patient at the same time for any clarifications that I may have had during the process. She also guided me through the process not just strictly from a recruitment point of view, but also helped me understand the differences in culture, nuances related to the new location and work environment in general and the overall relocation process as a whole. She indeed ensured that the entire experience of not just taking up the new assignment but also of moving to a new location and the initial settling in, was as seamless as possible for me. She went the extra mile to ensure I had an overall hassle-free movement to the new role and location and thereby helping me lay the foundation to build a long and successful career in my new assignment.” 

Senior Product Development Manager 
Mead Johnson Asia Pacific

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