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Candidate Testimonials

“I would like to express my appreciation to ScienTec Search for the outstanding service they have provided me. I have never encountered such professional service before with other recruitment consultants.

The arrangement made from meeting up with the consultants to my interviews with the hiring company only took a week, and within the next week the hiring process was completed. This consulting service is fast and efficient, and it proves their productivity and efficiency.

Their processes for hiring executives and professionals are excellent. I would like to thank the consultants for the advice provided during the pre-interview session and for all the arrangements that made this recruitment a successful one.

Once again, I thank ScienTec Search for the professional service that they have provided me. Keep up the great work.”

Regional Account Manager

“Please accept my sincere compliments on the excellent assistance that ScienTec Search’s consultant has extended to me on my journey in finding the perfect job. Because of her efforts in providing guidance from the interview phase to the finalisation stage of my job application, I was able to impress and convince Allergan that I am the right person for the position of Manager, Finance. I am very happy with the offer of the said company and this would not have been possible if not for her untiring efforts in monitoring my application (from providing tips to winning an interview to providing feedback and timely updates).

Again, I want to thank her and hope that she will be assisting more applicants in finding the right job. Certainly, she is the best.”

Finance Manager
Allergan Healthcare Inc.

"I have worked with many headhunting consultants before however two of the consultants from ScienTec Search stood out amongst them. The whole experience of working with them throughout the interview process has been a very pleasant one and I am most impressed by their first-rate and efficient support, knowledge and service.

Their professionalism is outstanding and commendable. I would like to express my deepest appreciation for their hard work and assistance rendered."

Project Manager/Vendor management
Insulet Corporation

"I would like to commend ScienTec Search consultants on their excellent attitude and the exemplary service that they have rendered. Unlike other search companies, they are professionals who are knowledgeable, friendly and efficient. I will definitely not hesitate to recommend their services to my friends and associates, or to seek their assistance should I ever need it again. Thank you so much!"

Dx Assays

"I am so grateful to the manager and consultant I worked with at ScienTec Search, for their expertise, patience and perseverance in helping me all the way to begin a new career. They undoubtedly care about their candidates and clients. I have worked with many consultancies for HR support but ScienTec’s approach is excellent and makes you feel at home. I was always updated with any information I demanded and their honest customer service makes them special and unique from others.

I want to thank them so much for their professional and effective support. I will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who needs HR assistance. They care so much and it is dedicated people like them who help us to make a difference in a new career.”

Assistant Manager, HR Operation (India based assignment)
John Crane

“I was contacted by the ScienTec Search Consultant in early February and my employment was finalised in end March. Throughout the five interviews, I was prepared with detailed information on the company, requirements and scope of the opening, the hiring manager and the respective interviewers. I was particularly impressed by the professionalism and promptness shown by the consultant. She had painstakingly informed me of the background of each interviewer and their requirements as well as the attributes that the successful candidate should possess.

She even personally called me right before each interview to prepare and encourage me, and answered all my queries with clarity and precision.

I highly recommend ScienTec Search as your preferred executive search firm regardless as a candidate or a hiring manager.”

Regional Solution Sales Director

“I would like to express my sincere thanks for all the support and constructive dialogue that the team at ScienTec Search has provided me. They have assisted me in the interviews and found the appropriate job for me.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the advice and the tips of impressing the interviewers and my ability to perform well in the interviews have been encouraged by the information provided.

I am very impressed by their business professionalism and level of excellence in dealing with their clients and candidates. I look forward to my exciting career and I will catch up with them in the future!”

Finance Director

“I would like to express my heartfelt sincerity to ScienTec Search for helping me to land my present job. The consultant is friendly and she put in a lot of effort into arranging the two interviews for me. One of the interviews was also done via Skype and she also didn’t mind calling me after office hours when I was available to take her call. I am truly grateful to the consultant.

What more can I say? Thank you very much! I will definitely recommend potential candidates to ScienTec! Thanks once again!”

A.M. Associates

“It was excellent to have the chance to work with the ScienTec Search Consultant. She continually introduced my portfolio to hiring companies. Before the interviews, she provided me with a comprehensive overview of what the role and even the corporate culture were about. Throughout the interview process and comensation package discussion with the hiring company, she exhibited outstanding professionalism.

She was also very efficient - the entire recruitment process took only one week. That helped me greatly to ace the interview and put me in good stead – enough to be hired for the job! Thank you very much.”

Internal Auditor
Sunningdale Tech

“The ScienTec Search consultant was enthusiastic, responsible and highly positive. She is extremely helpful and meticulous when following up on the job status. The one thing that left the deepest impression on me was the professionalism shown. She never failed to follow-up with me or the employer after each interview session. I’m really glad to have had the opportunity to work with her.”

Sales Team Lead
Sigma Aldrich

“First of all, I am grateful that ScienTec Search has provided me the opportunity to advance my career with a leading organisation in the information services industry. With their trust and assistance, I was able to secure the position which will bring my career up to the next level. ScienTec understands the situation from a job seeker’s point of view which builds up the trust for the job seeker to proceed forward with the whole process.

Definitely, I wish ScienTec will maintain this high standard of service, over other talent search companies, locally or internationally. Once again, thank you for the trust that ScienTec has placed in me and allowing me to become an affiliate with a well-known company.”

Client Services Manager-Asia

“I would like to thank the ScienTec Search consultant for walking us through our recruitment effort for the recent hires. Despite the limited talent pool, she managed to get us suitable candidates within a short frame of time. It is notable that she assessed and understood our requirements thoroughly as demonstrated by the credentials she had lined up for our review.

We greatly appreciate her professional insight and advisory rendered from the beginning till the end of the hiring process. Kudos to the ScienTec Search consultant for the excellent client liaison capability!”

Human Resources & Office Manager

“My experience with ScienTec Search has been a pleasant journey throughout. The response has beenswift, and the coordination smooth. This is what sets you apart from other recruiting firms.”

Business Development Manager
UL International-Singapore

“The attributes that stood out for me were the professionalism, honesty and sincerity shown by the ScienTec Search consultants. The tips, advice and the follow-up helped me prepare throughout the entire process. Thanks ScienTec. I got the job!”

House Executive
Brunel S.E.A.

The ScienTec Search Consultant was very friendly and professional. Even though I did not get the job I wanted, she was there to support me by giving the best option and offer I could have.”

Sales Manager –Energy & Power Technology
UL International- Singapore

Working with ScienTec Search has definitely been an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. The consultants have been very proactive right from the get-go and followed through the entire recruitment process promptly. They were always available to settle any queries or doubts that I had regarding the role and consistently  portrayed  a  very  positive  and  upbeat  attitude  in  our  conversations.  Due  to  my  work commitments,  they  went  one  step  further  by  demonstrating  wonderful  client-oriented  service  by personally delivering the employment contract to me at my convenience.

Huge thanks to both consultants for their organisation and efficiency during the entire course of the recruitment. Keep up the good work!”

Global BD & Sales Manager

“I was impressed with the efficiency and reliability of ScienTec Search from the time I sent in my application to the end of the process. I appreciate the helpfulness and concern for my interviews, making me feel at ease during the process. I would highly recommend ScienTec to anyone.

Thank you again. I wish your consultant the best of luck and continued success.”

Graphic Designer cum Cartoonist
A.M. Associates

“I would like to thank both the ScienTec Search and ScienTec Personnel consultants for all their detailed explanations, taking the time to talk to me to clarify any doubts, and for giving me valuable advice throughout the interview process. Their timeliness and accurate handling of my questions is very much appreciated. Thank you for understanding and bridging my expectations with that of Elsevier’s as well. Your knowledge of the company and dedication shown helped me greatly to be where I am. I am grateful for that.”

Customer Consultant (Books)

“It was my first interaction with a ScienTec Search Consultant and it was definitely an awesome experience. To get hold of my dream job within a short time frame was definitely a great challenge, but it was made possible by the promptly coordinated interview sessions prepared by the consultant. She would also share her experience and give me her professional advice before each interview session. She continued to follow-up with me closely at every stage of the recruitment process, giving me the latest updates from the employing company. I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for the excellent advice and assistance during the whole recruiting process. Great Job!”

Interior Designer
Mercurio Design Lab

“I would like to thank ScienTec Search and the consultant who serviced me for her impressive professionalism and efficiency during the interviewing process. Her industry knowledge is worth commending. Being in the “middle” of the candidate and employer, she played the excellent role of a negotiator. She would think ahead of the situation and manage both parties very well. She understands the requirements and asked valid questions.

I hope to build a lasting relationship with ScienTec. I will recommend ScienTec Search to my entire network.”

Senior Human Resources Generalist
UL International-Singapore

“I strongly recommend the ScienTec Search Consultant for her professionalism and diligence. She approached me for the position, matched my skills and background perfectly, and was always quick to respond to my queries throughout the recruitment process. She also demonstrated good negotiation skills during the offer management stage.

I appreciate her hard work and willingness to go the extra mile. She prepared the letter of appointment and emailed me so that I did not have to head down to the office to sign it amidst my busy schedule. Subsequently, she met me in person to have the original copy signed.

I would like to personally thank her for the great job and strongly believe that she is an important asset to ScienTec.”

E-Sales Support Executive


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