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“I would like to take this opportunity to say a word of thanks to the ScienTec Search consultant for giving me this opportunity to successfully secure a position in Elsevier. Without her preparation and encouragement, I would not have been able to be a part of this organisation.  I am truly impressed with her professionalism and promptness throughout the whole interview process. I have worked with many consultancies for HR support and I found her approach to be excellent and it made me feel at ease.

I also do appreciate her help in negotiating my salary during the offer stage which resulted in me getting close to my salary expectation. I would like to thank her very much for her hard work and willingness to go the extra mile to send me words of encouragement before my interviews. I strongly recommend ScienTec Search to anyone who is looking for a new job.”

Credit Manager, South and South East Asia, Finance APAC

“I would like to commend the ScienTec Search consultant for her professionalism, politeness, persistence, follow-ups and follow-through. She presented me with such a good opportunity that I reverted with my profile soon after. She explained the role to me thoroughly and provided great insights before I went for the interview. She also managed to ask for a substantial increment for me as well, for which I appreciate deeply. She presented me as being a capable candidate for a much bigger role in Elsevier. I highly recommend the consultant to both clients seeking potential hires and candidates in their career progression.”

Account Manager

“Working with the ScienTec Search consultant has been a productive and enjoyable experience. I am very much impressed with her professional guidance and positive energy throughout the entire recruitment process. She updated me at the various stages of the process and she was always there to answer my queries or doubts regarding the role or employment contract. I highly recommend her services to those who are looking for a very professional search consultant who will go the extra mile for her clients!”

Patient Marketing Manager, Absorb, Asia Pacific and Japan
Abbott Vascular

“I only have one word for the ScienTec Search Consultant, which is ‘INCREDIBLE’. I would like to thank her for the wonderful service that she had provided me.”

Product and Application Manager, Indonesia

“I have had various interactions and experiences with executive search agents/consultants before. My experience with the consultant at ScienTec Search was one of the better ones. She is professional, sincere and helpful throughout the hiring process. Thanks to her recommendation and advice, I managed to get the job within a week after application. Would like to express my heartfelt thanks to her for all the hard work she has put in!”

Assistant Manager, Regional Finance
Olympus Singapore

"The ScienTec Search consultant handled my job requests and applications professionally. She gave me sound advice on the expectations of the job that I was keen to apply for. She was meticulous and understood the requirements of the client's demands really well. She went the extra mile to go through the key aspects and interview requirements with me before the actual interview ensuring a high passing rate. I wouldn't have gone this far or secure the job, if not for her attentiveness and professionalism. Highly commended for prospective job seekers."

Sales Manager (Performance Material)
UL International-Singapore

“I want to express my appreciation to the ScienTec Search consultant for all her efforts in helping me secure this job opportunity. It was a pleasure working with her. It took four days from when I sent out my application in response to an online ad, to receiving the Letter of Offer from the company. The day I sent my application was a Tuesday; the same day I received the call from the consultant. I had my first interview the following day, and then the second and final interview the day after, which was a Friday.  I started work the following Monday which is testament to the consultant’s professional work ethic and rapid turnaround. She helped me achieve the goal that I was aiming for in record time.”

Senior Design Manager
A.M. Associates

“The moment I received the phone call from the ScienTec Search consultant, I knew that I had to hold on to the call. Her opening and her friendly approach was great and made me interested in the offer. I had a good career in my previous company, due for promotion, open to opportunities but not actively seeking. She was the one that convinced me of the opportunity that she presented to me, explaining in clear detail how this role suited me and how the company and I would benefit from my joining.

The interview process was hectic with nine rounds of interviews, not including the one I had with the consultant, but she made the process flow through smoothly. Knowing my current job scope then; I was always flying around, she chose the right mode of communication with me through text and phone calls, following up with email confirmations. She guided me throughout the lengthy interview process to ensure that I was well prepared by giving me the necessary information on the interviewer.

Also during the last part of the interview where a presentation was required, she explained clearly the presentation topic and the deliverables that were required. The negotiation process was well managed too.

Given the time Elsevier wanted me to join and my end year bonus timing, she ensured that the conversation between the company and me was well managed. Explanation had to be made clearly due to the fact that my hiring manager is an American, based in New York, bridging the cultural differences was essential but she made it seemed easy. I was impressed by her dedication and the hard work she put into the entire process. Her passion for her job is definitely highly commendable.”

Market Development Manager, Asia Pacific
Mendeley, Elsevier

“I was approached by the ScienTec consultant and was glad that she highlighted the unique career opportunity with an industry global leader. She was detailed in her brief on the role scope and when I was selected for the interview, she gave me tips and met up in person to prepare me for the interview. There were a total of 3 interviews and each time, she would pre-empt me what to prepare for my next interview and shared insights of interviewer styles, anticipated situational questions and the best way of approaching these questions.

I felt assured that I have a good and wonderful career partner who positioned me in the right light. I was delighted when she delivered the good news that I had the job despite stiff competition from other candidates. This really gave me great confidence in ScienTec Search’s capability and I would be happy to recommend ScienTec Search to my friends.”

Senior Research Associate


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