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Brand Pillars & Core Values

A successful brand is one that delivers true value to the customer.  Here at ScienTec, we do just that. Our 4 Core Values serve as a guiding principle in the way we operate our business and cultivate our relationships, resulting in the fulfilment of our brand promise  (3 Brand Pillars).


ScienTec Consulting's Brand Pillars


Insightful Engagements

Knowledge and Intelligence - Commercial pragmatism and market insight add value to all our engagements. We form powerful connections in the industry so we are not just present – we are relevant.

Innovative Approach

Understand and question - We shed light on customer challenges by bringing new understanding to the process and applying an alternative perspective. We are determined to redefine best practice for powerful results.

Customer Experience

Process and Efficiency - Consistent application of proprietary methodologies and efficient resource management, enable us to achieve high degrees of accuracy and on-time delivery.

ScienTec Consulting's Core Values

“I strongly believe that business and employees' personal values should not be separated. Employees are not committed to the company but to the values of the company. When both values are aligned you get committed and inspired employees." - Karen Tok, Founder and CEO, ScienTec Consulting Pte Ltd

People First

We exist because we believe in people’s potential that can be realised and maximised through development and opportunity. We embrace diversity that inspires a breadth of ideas and perspectives each individual brings to their work. We uphold integrity and transparency in all our actions, so the partnerships we form are genuine and meaningful.

Performance Excellence

We take pride in our engagements and believe in creating loyalty by outperforming the competition and providing a superior experience. We accept ownership for our role in ensuring long-term success through achieved results and continued improvement. Empowered by our autonomy, we pursue new challenges and opportunities to grow professionally and as individuals.

Knowledge Insight

We are insights-driven experts in our specialisations combining rich experience, market data and applied knowledge. We listen intelligently to gain a deeper understanding of stakeholder needs and challenges.

Entrepreneurial Drive

We encourage breakthrough thinking that introduces new, creative approaches that overcome constraints and raise the bar. Being adaptable and resourceful makes us well-suited to approach challenges uniquely and seek innovative solutions.