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Industry: Biotechnology / Life Sciences Practice

The regional availability of the required human capital remains scarce in this high growth industry. Companies need deep talent intelligence to find qualified candidates with strong industry experience and knowledge of the development processes. ScienTec Search was the first firm in Asia to specialise in executive and specialist search for the Biotechnology / Life Sciences industries. For the past 15 years, our Life Sciences practice group’s track record in providing talent for these industries in Asia is unparalleled. Having strong expertise in recruiting such niche talents, and a pool of immediately accessible talent and networks to tap into, are critical for talent acquisition success in this area.


“I was approached by the ScienTec consultant and was glad that she highlighted the unique career opportunity with an industry global leader. She was detailed in her brief on the role scope and when I was selected for the interview, she gave me tips and met up in person to prepare me for the interview. There were a total of 3 interviews and each time, she would pre-empt me what to prepare for my next interview and shared insights of interviewer styles, anticipated situational questions and the best way of approaching these questions. I felt assured that I have a good and wonderful career partner who positioned me in the right light. I was delighted when she delivered the good news that I had the job despite stiff competition from other candidates. This really gave me great confidence in ScienTec Search’s capability and I would be happy to recommend ScienTec Search to my friends.”

Senior Research Associate, Illumina

“We needed experienced Molecular and Cell Biology PhD scientists and ScienTec Search rapidly identified candidates both overseas and in Singapore. Among these candidates, a few proved to be exceptional in both leadership abilities and quality of publications. Some of the outstanding candidates were from Singapore and others from overseas. ScienTec Search gets my highest accolade for their abilities to locate talented scientists and I will certainly recommend them to my colleagues.”


“ScienTec Search has proven invaluable in supplying qualified candidates to our organisation. Within a short notice, ScienTec was able to line up a number of high quality candidates for our interview, during our visits to Singapore. ScienTec has helped us to find and hire the most qualified local talent; they are knowledgeable, professional, and they deliver the type of responsiveness our business requires. I enjoyed working with their team of executives who are so committed to quality service and customer satisfaction.”

R & D Director, Asia

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